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Happy New Year.
Nothing has changed yet much, but I do hope that the snow clears.
I dislike forcing other cars onto the other side of the road because of snow piles.
Lately I've been on drives to places I'm not very familiar with, and getting lost, so I've been looking around for a good GPS.
I've wanted one for a while, but had no good reason for one until now.
Along with a car charger for my cellphone.(Internet eats the battery like mad)

Happy Holidays.
Things have been very busy around here.
The presents have been bought and wrapped, stacked in a big pile behind the dinning room table.
We have a small 3ft tree put up, we still haven't decorated it.
I'd rather have Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.
I'm surrounded with old boxes of Christmas ornaments, garland, lights, and extension cords.
I'd post photos, but I can't find anything in this mess.

There is nothing for me to say about this. It explains itself.

Comic Con, in one word, is big.
It was a last-minute decision, seeing as I found someone to go with.
Things that could go wrong did; we missed our buses, went the wrong way on the subway, got to the Con late, couldn't find the NYAF parts, got lost in Penn, missed our stop to get home, but luckily, caught the last bus and got home safe.
I actually ran into two people I know, more than once.
What are the odds of that?
I wish I had went the full three days. I'm planning on buying my ticket as soon as I can this time.
I wish that they had a better layout. I couldn't find NYAF, or the artist alley.

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